Learning new financial concepts and understanding old ideas more thoroughly requires time and someone to teach those principals in an unbiased platform.  As a financial instructor clients learn and employ financial modeling to understand the rules of personal financial economics that affect everyone and enables clients to make coordinated decisions by taking intentional, meaningful, and appropriate steps together to more fully maximize enjoyment of their hard-earned money, reduce financial costs and risk, preserve legacy, and maintain or increase flexibility and control without dismantling lifestyle – all at a pace reflective of each individual family.

Clients master financial concepts, achieve success, and build liquidity and stability on their terms.  They learn to recognize their potential for success and avoid the pitfalls of lost opportunity.

AREAS OF MY PRACTICE INCLUDE: Special Needs Financial Advocate – Advocating for individuals with special needs regarding benefit coordination, work/life balance, financial stability, uses of trusts, trust taxation, ABLE accounts setup, use and rules of.

PRIVATE PRACTICE – Financial advisor to individuals, families and business owners.

FINANCIAL LITERACY PROGRAMS – Through involvement with corporate human resource departments.


ENDORSED PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS – Texas Nurse Practitioners Associations

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