If your family is one where one of your loved ones has a disability or a special need – do yourself a favor and hire an expert in that field as opposed to any attorney who claims they can do the work. 

Many families live in large cities where thousands of attorneys practice hundreds of areas of law. Where Special Needs are concerned; there is no better case for hiring a professional with expertise in Special Needs or Elder Law. I cannot understate the importance of getting this right the first time. Costs to re-draft poorly written documents or correcting errors within irrevocable plans can be high in terms of money, emotional bandwidth, and the ability of your estate to support your child as you intend. All attorneys are NOT all created equal despite that they have all passed similar bar exams. If you need an expert, but cannot find one, please ask for a referral.

Additional Information Can Be Found Below:

Information Relevant for Guardianship

Guardianship can be complicated. If fact most times it is. As well, several forms of guardianship exist. Deciding which is right for your family – if any – is not something we take lightly or that should be commenced without careful and thorough understanding. 

Guardianship is not appropriate for all families or family members. Alternatives exist and should be discussed with your attorney. Attorneys specializing in Special Needs planning will be aware of those options and able to explain them to you to make an informed decision. 

Regardless which option is best for your family should be executed in the county or state where the person under guardianship lives. That way, the laws and the procedural requirements within the guardianship will be the same jurisdiction which lessens the chance that a conflict may arise.

Resources for Parents

We are all tired. If you need help or are looking for support, please check our parent portal. There you can find links to all types of services, resources, support groups, respite opportunities, etc.

Housing Information

Housing presents the most difficult problem for many families. Issues of cost, benefits, coordinated care, family proximity and appropriateness of care provided all come into play. 

We have posted a few links to area housing authorities as well as some places we have found in our travels and our work lives that may also be of help to you

Are You Ready for Retirement?

I cannot tell you how many families I meet explain that they have no hope of ever retiring because they must provide for a family member with a disability. They also worry how that care will continue once they are gone. It’s an enormous problem and the cause of incalculable amounts of anxiety for parents. 

Your retirement does not have to be derailed because you have a disabled child. Neither does your retirement. With the right strategy you can have both. I encourage you to schedule an appointment to find out how we can put you in a better position without additional or costly out of pocket expenses or impoverishing yourself or those you love. You may even be able to create guaranteed income that you can never outlive. We help families with this every. Please make an appointment with me soon.

Benefits and Government Plans

If your child or another member of your family collects SSI, SSDI or receives a retirement amount on a parent’s record, you know how important it is to coordinate those benefits with your estate, and their banking practices.

And if you’ve visited the website, you know that it’s clear as mud and more complicated than you believed possible.

Several websites have some answers for you. But if you want just the advice that is relevant to your particular family situation, just give us a call or book an appointment, We’ll walk you through it.

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